KOMAX Submersible Motors are free from defects in material and workmanship and are supplied with factory quality test certificate.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • Motors warranty shall be nine months from date of manufacturing printed on motor or six months from date of sale customer (whichever comes first)
  • This warranty is valid provided that
    • KOMAX Submersible Motors has been purchased from authorized dealer and specified warranty period has not been expired.
    • The Warranty Card has been properly filled and duly signed & stamped by authorized dealer.
    • Motor has not been damaged due to stucking in borehole, carelessness, fire, accident or any external damage, muddy water and sand.
    • Motor has not been installed/repaired by unauthorized installer/services center.
    • Serial number of motors has not been altered or removed.
    • Original Warranty Card has not been misplaced and no changes has been made in wording of the Warranty Card.
  • Any customer or dealer is not allowed to change the terms/condition and wording of the Warranty Card.
  • The Warranty is applicable for one time only.
  • Disputes not covered under the above-mentioned terms & condition, will be resolved according to the KOMAX general warranty terms and the company‚Äôs decision shall be considered as final.
  • The customer shall bare all the associated cost of extraction, transportation and reinstallation.

Cautions for Safe Operations

  • Do not start the motor in absence of protection of protection devices or in case of improper power supply, voltage fluctuations or in case the bore hole runs dry.
  • Ensure 380-450V line voltage and install the motor with properly sized and good quality stator / inverter, submersible cable, cable joint and other protective devices.
  • KOMAX Submersible Motor should always be installed by authorized and trained personnel.
  • Proper earthing is necessary to avoid any electric shock.


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