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In 2015, KOMAX was incorporated in Pakistan under The Company Ordinance 1984 with prime business of design and manufacturing of borehole submersible electric motors and pumps. The construction of manufacturing facility started in April 2015 by acquiring industrial land in Sunder Industrial Estate, Raiwind Road Lahore for construction of a dedicated building having covered area of 54,192 sq.ft. for installation of manufacturing plant and warehousing.

By successfully completing the installation of plant and machinery in April 2017, KOMAX marked the history for being the first ever manufacturer of 6” NEMA Submersible motor in Pakistan.

We started with a strategy to do things differently, to bring innovation in the design and construction of our product for enhanced quality, efficiency and economy. Several design features and metallurgy improvement distinguish our product from those available in the market. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet international standards. Huge funds are invested in automation of the manufacturing plant to minimize variation in the quality.  

State of the art manufacturing machinery has been imported from Europe and strict quality control policy is implemented for in-house manufacturing of the critical parts. KOMAX is continuously improving and innovating the material science of the motor parts with much dedication, energy and efforts to develop and process the material into most durable and robust shape. KOMAX is the pioneer in implementing automatic assembly line and state of the art testing

facility for production of electric submersible motors where each produced motor go through strict quality control test. A new system is under development, that will enable KOMAX having a tracking database and an online end-user feedback on each and every motor used in the field. The system will further boost the quality of our after sales services. Philosophy of the company is to produce a durable, long life, more efficient, innovative and continuously updated design of submersible electric motor for local and international markets. KOMAX manufactures submersible electric motor of 6-Inch NEMA from 5,5 HP to 70 HP in both 50 and 60 HZ. The 8-Inch NEMA submersible electric motors are under test and in trial production from 30 HP to 180 HP in 50 and 60 HZ.

Komax in Brief

Name of Company: Komax (Pvt) Ltd.

Country: Pakistan

Registered under: The Companies Ordinance 1984

Plant and manufacturing base: Lahore

Location: Plot No. 722, Sundar Industrial Estate, Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Manufacturing covered area: 54,192 sq ft
Portfolio: Manufacturing of Submersible Electric Motors & Pumps

Application: Komax  Submersible Electric Motors are used with Submersible Pumps in deep borehole wells for pumping underground water for Agriculture, Industrial,
Commercial, Municipal and Mining purposes.

Export Market: Middle East, Europe, North & South America

Production Capacity: 20,000 Motors per Annum  

Website: www.komaxmotor.com

Membership: Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Certification: TUV, ISO 900-2015 & CE

National Tax No: 4402557-2


  • Cutting Edge Production Plant
  • Modern Machining center  
  • Steel Processing Technology
  • OEM Design and Production Facility

People &  Work: Constant optimization of all working process, staff training  and
competitiveness program, respect and high orientation.


  • Quality management from 1st part of the motor
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certify
  • CE Certify


  • With high automation short & fast delivery time
  • Competent assistance and effective after-sale/ technical support

Values: We are committed to excellence and innovation in design and production.


KOMAX offers private labeling / OEM services for clients who are interested in their own brand promotion.Your private labeled submersible motor /pump puts you in control of your marketing hard work and price strategies. Your success builds a brand recognition that can expand into other product and market areas. Your private labeled borehole motor/pump puts your company, brand name and phone number in front of the client with every use. Your product advertises for you, reminding and encouraging clients to call you with aftermarket and submersible motor /pump re-orders.
Our entire line of 6-inch water cooled, rewind-able submersible motors, SS and CI bore hole pumps are available for private labeling! Range sizes 3”, 4” 6” and 8” inch diameter boreholes.
Our Private Label Program begins first by "US" partnering with you. Our design team works with you to develop your submersible's labels as well as the color scheme. Our Private/custom Label Program has been developed to allow our clients to WOW their buyers with the highest quality products representing their own brand!
Machines are fit to customized submersible motor label (by laser or dot pinch printer).
That may display your company's identity, logo, brand name and contact information. Also choose your motor end bells shape or burnisher bumper that will reflect your corporate identity.


Take control of your marketing hard work and price strategies

For Motors and Pumps
Customized Labels

We work with you to create customized labels for your electric submersible motor/pump and then digitally punched, marked with laser, permanently on motor/pump metal body that may display your company's identity, logo, brand name, contact information, machine name, model number, voltages, and specifications etc.

Inclusion of a benefit
Whats's Included

Customized Sell Sheets: Specially designed with your company name, logo, equipment images and order address (optional and on payment).

Customized Operating Manuals: Explains how to effectively start-up and operate your equipment safely. Each electric submersible motor/ pump is shipped with its own operating manual (optional and on payment).

Customized Warranty/Machine Registration Cards: Each submersible motor/ pump is shipped with its own warranty card included in the Operating Manual. This provides a record of your machine population and serves as the start to your powerful warranty program.

We are a Call away
How to Get Started

We work with you to develop labels and marketing materials that are consistent with the look of your current brand. Our design team will gather your preferences, logo and contact information and provides you with proofs of what your new submersible motor and pump and packing will look like.

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