Submersible Pump KPS8-50Hz


Quick Overview

Silent Features of Submersible Pump | KPS 50hz 6 inch Submersible Pumps

The new series of 6” and 8” stainless steel submersible pumps KPS6 and KPS8 has been designed and produced according to the market requirement. Compact, reliable and hydraulic design are ensure the high overall efficiency and less energy consumption are making the low running cost of pumping system. Heavy duty casted stainless steel top and bottom and fabricated impellers and diffuser for corrosion resistance and for long and trouble free life.


Application of Submersible Pump | KPS 50hz Submersible Pump

  • Domestic and industrial water supply
  • Industrial cooling process
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Shower and running irrigation
  • Agriculture and sprinkler systems
  • Mining industry, drainage and de-watering


Operating Data | 6 inch Submersible Pump

  • Capacity: upto 132 m3/h
  • Head: upto 549 meters
  • Power: upto 93 kW
  • Minimum water temperature: -5 ° C
  • Maximum water temperature: 50 ° C
  • Maximum sand contents: 55 grm/m3
  • Direction of rotation: CCW facing delivery side
  • Minimum recommended head of water above
  • pump suction: 1 meter